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At this point, it feels like the end of the world, I know. My wife and I lost 7 homes and all we had striven for in a blink No one can truly understand completely what you are going through. It is your home, your pain. Honor how you feel. But, you must take action. And, we are the team that can help, and we care, no I mean, we really do care, because we have been where you are. No matter what, we really do care. My team and I have been known to prevent clients like you from filing bankruptcy and recovering from extreme financial hardship. 

Your emotions are a mess

Crisis causes disbelief, emotional numbness, nightmares and other sleep disturbances, anger, moodiness, and irritability, forgetfulness, denial, guilt, and panic. The constant collection calls that are persistent and even abusive will turn a perfectly tolerable day into a day of despair. And get this – debt can hurt. I mean, really hurt. A study of 33,720 U.S. households published in the January 2016 edition of Psychology Science found that thinking about the prospect of financial insecurity was enough to increase pain. We have all been there, myself included. Build a circle of helpers to get you through. I can help you do this.

What can I do for you

I can guide you through this difficult process and help you make the best decisions for your family and yourself. I can help you evaluate your options; for example, save your home or sell your home, file bankruptcy, or forbearance. I can help you liquidate your property before things spiral out of control and the vultures come out to get a great deal from your hardship. The simple decision of taking the first step by asking for help, is going to make all the difference. Act, before it spirals out of control. Having gone through this myself, in retrospect, what I really needed and wished for was somebody to take the time to help me look at my situation, and advise me through the process, so I could have done what was best for my family, and reduce the pain. (See My Story.)


This site was specifically developed to help people like you. The site will inform you and share the realities of foreclosure and bankruptcy; which can possibly be avoided. Let me see how I can help you. Call, anytime: 415.559.5660 or email:

Help Is On The Way,

I Promise!

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BPOR (Broker Price Opinion Resource with The National Association of Realtors) 2011 Certified

Core Logic 2010 Certification

SFR®  (Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource ) 2011 Certification

Probate and Trust Certified Realtor®

Distressed Property REO Certified (lookup correct term)

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